Friday Link-Ups

Fridays are a popular day around the blog world, or so I am coming to realize. I read a number of blogs that either host, co-host, or participate in link-ups on Fridays. And I always want to play along, but that means I'd have to pick one, right? WRONG. Today I'm linking this post to a number of things :)

First, let's do Five on Friday since that one is a favorite of mine and I have a collection of posts on that one already.

one // All of my countdowns have started -- 34 days until Thanksgiving -- 49 days until the end of this semester -- 60 days until Christmas!! Hooray for countdowns! :)

two // Scarves.
I know that I have let you all in on the secret that I love scarves--it's actually not a secret. I really really really want an infinity scarf!

three // pumpkin picking.

four // Fun travel mugs!
I walk to class every morning and it is FREEZING outside at 8am... cute travel mugs let me take my coffee with me :)

five // puppies.
the end.

The second link-up goes over Jenna and it's called SBQL (song, book, quote, look).  I've done this one before too but it has been awhile!

song // Let Her Go by Passenger
book // The Program by Suzanne Young
quote // Character over Reputation
look // So cute and comfy for Fall

And finally, I'm linking up with Whitney for #backthatazzup


4 thoughts:

  1. Coffee and scarves are a necessity when going to class! I feel ya! haha

    Check me out

  2. I like that second link-up! 4 of my favorite things:) And I completely forget about Avril.

    Stopping my from #backthatazzup! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. must have that sweater with the elbow patches

  4. I got an infinity scarf from Target and I am in loooove! Hope you find one soon! Love that Passenger song!


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