Why I'm a Terrible Blogger

Sad face, sad face, sad face! Seriously, these past few weeks have been a hot mess for me with assignments, family commitments, friends, schoolwork, projects, life, etc... I feel like I don't have enough hours in the day to begin with and then I go ahead and forget to set up a bunch of blog posts like I promised! Hello, My name is Chandler and I am a failure of a blogger. **Hi, Chandler**  Seriously, something is wrong with me!

So today, I'm gonna write the top five reasons why I'm terrible blogger.  Then I promise to end on a happy note, because seriously I can't keep being a downer!

One // I promise to post more and I don't do it. Seriously what kind of blogger am I? Sometimes I swear I don't even know that I have a blog and then I'm like OMG!!! I need to post something so no one thinks I died.

Two // I basically stopped adding pictures to my posts... who wants to read all this nonsense without at least getting to look at a picture while reading?

Three // I stink at responding to comments.  Sometimes I think I'm all good and caught up and then I realize that I haven't yet responded to people from three weeks ago.... do you even want to still here from me then?

Four // My posts hardly contain content right now. And for this, I am REALLY REALLY sorry! I just have a jillion things going on and I don't have time to put thought into posts... wow, that's a sad excuse! But at least it is the truth (please don't hate me).

Five // Well, I actually ran out of reasons... forgive me? But that's actually a good thing, right? I mean who wants to be able to find a million (or five) things wrong with their blog... :(

BUT on a happier note, once I get through this week, I'll be a happier little bird with less pressure on her shoulders! I have so much due in the next two weeks, but I want the bulk of it done this weekend. Once everything is done, I should be a consistent and happy happy happy little blogger :)


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