Christmas Decorations

update: Since I deleted my blogger photo album and lost all my pictures, I have edited this post.

Christmas is getting so close that I can barely contain my excitement anymore! I just love all the music, the pretty lights, the snow we have this year, and the decorations!!!!! Oh my goodness, you'll have to excuse my use on exclamation points today but the excitement is REAL!!!
Today I am going to share with you some Christmas decorations that I would have in my own house... if I had my own house.  Anyway, here is my ideal Christmas decor :)

one // A huge Christmas tree (8 feet is good), with all white lights, and a color theme for the ornaments--I'm thinking gold and sparkly.

two // My front door would look something like this
three // A fireplace, strung with lights and a touch of garland.  I'd want to hang classy (am I over doing this gold thing?) stockings along the top.

Now mind you, this is if I had an unlimited budget and I had a huge house to decoration. I don't but it's fun to dream a little!  Also I got tired about halfway through doing this, or else I would have more.  Who knew that decorating my fake house could be so exhausting?!?

Have a wonderful start to your week!


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