Weekend Round Up

Hi Friends! I know that it has been a little while since my last post... life is crazy busy and when I have downtime I use it to veg out or sleep.  I promise to have some posts coming up this week, but first lets do a quick weekend round up.

Friday night was full of nothingness and I'm not whining at all. I came home from school and took an hour nap... oops! I pretty much spent the night on the couch and my bed, with food, tv, and roommates. Clearly a very productive night.

Saturday was full of grocery shopping and running errands in the early afternoon (after sleeping until 10am). We also recently invested in a new coffee pot because this girl HATES the Keurig!!! So I was a happy little lady full of coffee all day :)
Saturday night my roomies hosted a jewelry party. And I got all dolled up and looked adorable if I do say so myself.

I love my lacey dress (thanks Kristen!) and obviously I'm obsessed with my cowboy boots!
Sunday was full of brunch! Hooray :)
And hey Juliette, I remembered to take a picture!
Carmel Apple Cinnamon Crepe :)
Sunday night was full of Oscar watching and singing Let it Go at the top of my lungs and laughing at Ellen and wishing I had pizza. Obviously, I'll make a great teacher with my run-on sentence skills.

And now it's Monday night and I had a delayed opening from school. My kids were crazy, my day was rushed, and we didn't get to have our morning field trip. I'll be playing catch up all week if you need me...


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  1. good weekend! that brunch looks crazy good. what kind of jewelry do you sell? you guys do look cute! agreed! :-)


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