Weekend Musings.

Oh Sunday night how I wish you would have come a little later.

I'm still fighting off the end of this cold and spent a good part of this beautiful weekend reading "blogs" on the grass in front of my apartment. I put "blogs" in quotes because I was really reading: blogs, websites, editorials, quote sites, and pretty much anything interesting on stumbleupon. And in my giving spirit, I made a list of great things to share with all of you for the upcoming week.

Good Life Project. I'm obsessed. Someone get on board with this program and help me become like these people. I seriously have new idols and heroes after spending so much time on this site.

A Letter from Fred. Disclaimer: don't watch this unless you are prepared to cry. This is absolutely one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever heard.

Caffeine should come in the form of coffee, not energy drinks. Here you have it kids.

Love to read? Check out some of these great books!

Want to know what Americans will look like in 2050? Spoiler: People will be beautiful. Keep mixing it up! :)

One word: transcendence.

Here's to hoping you all have a glorious week!


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