That One Time I Didn't Write a Blog Post

So you know how I'm always saying that I'm a bad blogger because I don't take any pictures during anything remotely related to my blog posts.
Well, I've reached a whole new level of blogging fails.
Memorial Day Weekend. I took about 500 pictures and didn't write a blog post. Seriously... I drove my mom and sister crazy because I took pictures of everything and I would think of catchy things that "I was so going to write in my post" and well that never happened.
So here I am doing a photo dump because why not.  Happy Belated Memorial Day?

Isn't my momma a beaut?

Hello Best Friend Little Sister Lady <3

Or we could pretend the pictures are from Fourth of July because why would I remember to take pictures this weekend? (side note: It was hurricaning outside and we really didn't have too many opportune photo moments.)

Here's to hoping you had a safe and wonderful Fourth of July weekend!


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