Wordy Wednesday

Some F. Scott Fitzgerald this beautiful Wednesday afternoon. I honestly don't know where this day has gone. I really need to start getting out of bed before 11am... Oops.

Life is far too short and valuable to do anything other than what you want. In today's society we are so afraid of upsetting someone or stepping outside the predetermined paths, that we often are forgetting to actually live our lives.


I was sitting on the couch the other morning waiting around for a text. Waiting around. I wanted someone to text me with exciting plans. Something to do. Why was I waiting? Why did I think it was someone else's responsibilty to entertain me?
I don't actually think that is it. I suffer from 'fear of missing out' like so many people today. I didn't want to get up, go out, and be in the middle of something just in case someone might text with plans for the day. That makes no sense. But so many people live this way.

I've decided to make an active change. To focus on my life and to do the things that I want to do. Yesterday, I spent the day running errands for school and doing projects around the apartment. I was happy and finally felt some relief from my LONG to do list.

Did I feel like I missed out on anything? No. I was actually at peace with myself. Did I recieve any of those wonderful texts inviting me to hang out? Yes. But I didn't feel the need to drop everything I was doing just to avoid the feeling of missing out.


Now I'm well aware that this was just one day and doesn't drastically change my life. But baby steps, baby steps are the best way.


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