The Sunday Currently

This teacher is checking into the blogging community for the first time in 2017... and I'm in need of some serious Sunday Night motivation. I have been listening to some of my teacher friends and my heart is aching for them - but more on that tomorrow.

Tonight is all about my Sunday Currently...

Today, I was convinced to leave my bed after being told that I have strep throat and an ear infection. Target. That's one way to motivate me. I quick showered, threw on some warm clothes, and drove my sick self to Target because I was told the Dollar Spot was restocked. Treated myself to some caffeine after 8 days without it and I was shaking... that's always fun. Ended up buying books for my littles at 2nd & Charles, then ventured to find my first grade team at the mall. I love a Sunday with friends!

watching. The Magicians on Netflix... y'all I am the biggest scaredy cat. Every noise makes me jump and I don't sleep without a light on - night lights aren't just for kids you know. Anyway, I have an obsession with sci-fi shows. Anything with vampires, werewolves, magic, etc and I'm in. I get so addicted, which is why Netflix is a blessing as I can watch four episodes in one sitting. Rambling sorry! I love The Magicians though and would recommend it to anyone looking for something new to watch. Season 2 starts January 25th.

listening. Y'all my favorite Christmas present was a Target gift card, but only because I got to spend it to buy The Garth Brooks Complete Collection. (insert all the heart eye emojis) I'm in love. I have CDs everywhere, which is nothing new because I like my music on CDs or Vinyl. But seriously, Garth is in the car, in my bedroom, in the living room... I don't have any other rooms with CD players but if I did, he'd be there too!

writing. monthly lesson plans, curriculum notes, tutoring lessons, etc. School never ends. But that's okay, I love it. Even when I whine and complain, I know that I wouldn't have it any other way. I also have some "teacher love" posts on their way because my teacher friends are struggling! And that hurts my heart more than anything.

smelling. Candles galore... I can't make up my mind which one I like the most right now so I have been alternating between Yankee Candle's Sugared Apple and Bath & Body Works Frosted Cupcake. I like warm scents, especially when there is "snow" on the ground outside.

wearing. LuLaRoe at all times. My collection of leggings grew quickly and I have no regrets and refuse to look back. I am most comfortable in leggings and a long shirt or dress. I also have finally been gifted a Simply Southern shirt from one of my littles who was so excited to tell me that I now belong to the south. Bless his little heart! Mine sure melted.

The first week of 2017 has been dotted by sickness, testing at work, and the need to remember why I do it. But life is ever changing and I'm hoping that a positive attitude can help fix this.


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