What a Happy Life

Hello Beautiful Bloggers,

I know that I promised a new blog post over a week ago but there has been a million things going on...
I am deeply sorry but I hope that this post makes it up to you.
You're emails meant a lot and I am still getting back to some of them, so please be patient. I will answer you all :)

So I guess first things first.  I have been missing in action and many people are wondering if I am okay. The simple answer is yes, I was just busy with life.  The long answer is still yes, in sorts.  I am okay but I am learning a lot about myself and it has been a rough past few weeks.  This new year is really going to challenge me but I believe that I am ready.

I am finally over my million different sicknesses and I am trying to catch up on everything that I put on hold in order to get better. I don't have a new pinterest craft to share with you and I am sad and sorry about that!!!  I also don't think that I will be committing to the "new secret blog posts" that I had promised before.  Right now you'll just be stuff with me and my usual craziness.

I have throughly enjoyed the end of my winter break from classes.  I spent time away with friends, up in snowy (the middle of nowhere) PA.  It was a great time and a much needed wake up call to me about life.  Here is everyone who went up to the cabin :)

I also got some serious best friend time in and went to Harrisburg and Chocolate World with some amazing friends.

I have happily enjoyed laying in bed day after day. But I am ready for the semester to start and for me to start thinking some positive thoughts.

I am off to answer more emails and then probably buying textbooks and packing up my stuff....

I hope that you all are enjoying life and I will try to be more regular with posting

Stay Beautiful :)

Song of the Moment: I Drive Your Truck by Lee Brice


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