The Caffeine Detox (revisited)

Oh Bloggers...

Remember this wonderful challenge I put myself up to (the caffeine detox)
In one word let me describe it to you: AWFUL. HORRIBLE. DREADFUL.
(okay that was three)

Seriously, if you can do a caffeine detox and survive it, I will praise you. I give you props because I couldn't, I can't and I won't!
(also I have a new found love of gifs)

Okay, here's the run-down. The real life situation. And what actually will happen if you try this (or might happen, side effects may vary)
1. You will get headaches and nothing can stop them.
2. You can't focus. I seriously believe the ADD was kicked up a notch without my coffee.
3. People will ask why you look miserable.  When you explain they will shake there heads and tell you one of two things. (a) good luck or (b) just stop trying, it won't happen.
4. Everything becomes disorganized.  I don't function well in disorganization.
5. Even though I was tired, I could not sleep.  Seriously, I cannot explain it but before I started the whole detox I read that some people can't sleep even though they are exhausted... that was me!
6. Eventually, it all becomes too much to bear and you give in at 6am to a hot cup of black coffee that you make and the whole house smells great and you smile and you are satisfied.
**I only made it five days before I caved...

So I leave you with this
I am addicted and I am okay with that.

Have a beautiful morning and enjoy a cup of coffee :)


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