The Tattoo Debate

Trashy, classy, or somewhere in between.... regardless of where you fall, everyone seems to have an opinion on tattoos.  So today's discussion: tattoos.

Remember this is the two way street of life; my opinion is reflected in the post, make yours heard in the comments.

I promise that this topic didn't come out of the blue.  I am currently looking into getting a tattoo (or two)  and I am a curious being.  Personally, I think that tattoos can be both trashy and cute.  Let me explain.
Trashy tattoos are the ones on your face, on your lower back—tramp stamp anyone, and any tattoo with a dirty word—seriously I hope you regret that in a few years.
But for some people tattoos have a meaning, they stand for something, they provide an artist outlet, they are a sign on creativity.  I'm all about tattoos that are a symbol, but make sure it means something to you and you don't just think it looks cool.

I also think that some people pull off tattoos better than other people.  You have to be confident and you have to own your tattoos.  I love sleeves on guys, I just love the look.  But some girls can really make a sleeve work too.

I know that I could not pull off a sleeve tattoo and my family would probably disown me... but that would not be my deciding factor.
I am more of a small scale tattoo person:
Also I really like arrow tattoos.
My reason for an arrow tattoo is two-fold.  (1) I was going through a rough patch a few months ago and my friend sent me a quote about how an arrow can only be shot by first pulling it backwards and that's the same thing with life.  I became obsessed with arrows after that.  (2) I'm all about being a free spirit and living life for what it's worth and to me an arrow symbolizes that.  Kind of silly but it makes sense in my head.

I could talk for days about tattoos.  But I'll end with this last message:
Good reasons to get a tattoo:
They hold a specific meaning to you
Artist expression, creativity
Any man with a tattoo is automatically sexy in my book ;)
Bad reasons to get a tattoo:
- It looks cool
- Everyone else has one
- You love your girlfriend/boyfriend (have fun with that if the relationship ends)
- To win a bet, to prove your would, etc.

Leave me some comments on tattoos, why to get them, why not to get them, if you have found them addictive, your story and a picture, etc.


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