Five on Friday {4}

Five on Friday "about the blogger" edition

one // I'd rather eat whipped cream than ice cream

two // I will check your closet for monsters; even the attic crawl space

three // I wore my high school class ring for 5 years before I lost it.. I'd still have it on if I hadn't
((I may have worn it for 5 years but I never took a picture specifically of it))

four // I find instagram more entertaining than Facebook

five // When I turned 21, I ate Rita's water ice instead of going out to the bar

And that's all I got for you because my brain is still fried and my little sister leaves me for college tomorrow... too many thoughts on that and hardly any on the blog. Sorry not sorry.
I'll see ya when I see ya!


3 thoughts:

  1. I would definitely prefer the whipped cream over the ice cream! And I find instagram way more interesting that Facebook!

    1. Whipped cream is 100% better than ice cream haha. And I'm just over Facebook I guess.... I love instagram though :)

  2. the attic would be the best hiding space for monsters too!


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