the sunday currently {2}

3.5 mile hike with my mom yesterday!


reading. lesson to learn: voices from the front lines of teach for america by Molly Ness

listening. you know how I do by Taking Back Sunday

thinking. textbooks for this semester.... someone wanna lend me a million dollars?

smelling. coffee, mmmm

wishing. summer would last forever! and that my laptop would finally be all fixed and working how it use to.

wearing. my pajamas... I'm taking my time today

loving. this awesome bracelet from alex and ani

needing. to fill my coffee cup

feeling. surprising awake and wanting to do something adventurous


4 thoughts:

  1. Taking Back Sunday is one of my FAVORITE bands. Also, still in my pajamas. ha!

  2. can never go wrong with taking back sunday! always reminds me of high school too haha

    1. I love Taking Back Sunday but it has been a while since I listened to them; which of course meant I played them all day yesterday :)


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