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So I know that everyone was all about my multiple link-ups yesterday, and today I have another.
But just one today, I PROMISE!

Today we are talking college.  Kids fastening your seat belts because this girl is about to be a senior and its about to get all nogalistic up in here (probs too much for a Saturday morning but you'll deal). Well actually I believe the link-up wants to talk about Freshman year experience and such but I'm gonna bend the rules a little. If you don't tell, I won't.
best friends<3
looking rough but I love them!

Five Lessons You Learn in College (the short version):

one // People come from different backgrounds.  They believe different things than you, they value different things, they talk different, they show respect different, etc, etc, etc.  Get use to it, this is how real life is too.

two // You will make a million new friends.  By the end of one year, you probably won't talk to half of them.  That is okay.  Life goes on, people change.  Along these same lines, you will probably lose touch with some (or all) of the people you went to high school with.  Again, move one, life goes on, people change.

three // Your family really does love you and wants what is best for you.  You will miss them, you will cry.  You will go home to visit and hate every rule there ever was--that's fine but always tell your mom you love her.

four // Just because she's your best friend, does not mean you should live with her. FOR SERIOUS. I know you love her and you wanna spend every minute together, but then that happens and you fight all the time and it just doesn't work.  And now you've lost a friend.  Some friendship are better left with a little distance.

five // Figure your life out. College is expensive. Pick a career and major that make you happy.  Do something because you love it, not for the money.  Make every part of college count because it will all be over before you know it.
Join a sports team, an academic club, intramurals, other clubs, anything... but do it for you.

Gina Alyse

Alight kids, I actually didn't get all nogalistic because well thinking about stupid decisions and ex-friends doesn't tend to lead to that. But there you have it, the five lessons that college will teach you.  Also respect your professors (especially the ones who can help you down the road), you'll need them one day.

ps- tomorrow and Monday are looking like link-up days too... my bad


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