Five on Friday {7}

Hey Bloggers,

The weather today is so perfect!! It's going to be about 72 degrees today; this is perfect for jeans, a sweater, and flip flops (because I still have a hard time letting go of summer).  So to add to this perfect (blue sky!) day, I am burning a fabulous Harvest Reflections candle and the whole house smells like Autumn!!  But today is a "Five on Friday" post so I'll move to that.

one // this quote; a good one to remember
two // yummy Banana and Nutella filled French Toast (get in my belly)
three // cozy fall clothes
four // lace sweaters
five // wanderlust

And that is my "What I'm Pinning" Five on Friday!
Enjoy your weekend :)


6 thoughts:

  1. Wanderlust, oh so for me quote ;)

  2. Stopping over from Five on Friday! Love this lace sweater...I'm definitely going to look at picking one up for the fall!

    1. I just got myself a mint green one and I love it!

  3. The nutella and banana french toast looks delish! I love anything with nutella! I also love the lacey fall sweater!

    1. I have recently (this summer) been introduced to Nutella and I cannot get enough of it!


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