Thoughts on Thursday

I feel like Thursdays may be worse then Mondays sometimes. There I said it.  But think about it; at least with a Monday, you go in feeling like the day is gonna suck.  So when something good happens on a Monday, you are stoked.  But Thursday are a let down because you've already been through three days of the week and it's not Friday yet.  I mean logically it makes sense.  But when the beginning of the week is long, Thursdays suck more than Mondays.  They are evil little days that get in the way of Friday.  So to give your brain a break from my rambling, here are some pictures that helped me get through this week!

What a struggle! But the cuteness kills me!
What I would give to be here right now...
If you are having a bad day, go to YouTube and look up babies eating lemons.  You're welcome!
And with that bloggers, I shall leave you all to this wonderful Thursday that I really need want to be over.  Enjoy your almost Friday!


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