Five on Friday {10}

This rain is getting to me.  I'm in my "I'm depressed" and "woe is me" moods and I don't think they plan on leaving me alone for a bit.  Seriously, I need some sunshine!!  Anyway for this week's Five on Friday, I'm linking some videos and articles that appeared on my Facebook newsfeed this week. Read: I'm lazy and tired and not in the mood.

One // What if Money Were No Object

Two // This kid is awesome!  We really need to stop bullying in schools, it hurts my heart that so many kids have to face bullies every day!

Three // Some loving for the Stay at Home Moms!! I know how dedicated you are to your kids, keep chugging along!

Four // These cute animal pals! There is a lot to learn from this story...

Five // This story.  She is so brave!

That is my lazy version of Five on Friday.  Now I'm off to snuggle with my doggy and read a book.  Have a great weekend!!


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