Five on Friday {9}

Hey Bloggers!

I'm not dead!! I just took a week long hiatus from blogging (totally unplanned).  But now midterm week is over and I can breathe and actually have a life again! Hooray to that :)  So... I have 87 blog posts to read (and that is not an exaggeration...). While taking a week off from blogging can be rewarding to me, it also means I have A LOT of catch up reading to do when I finally exist in the blogging world again.  Hmm... I feel energized and ready to go though! Coffee in hand, here is today's Five on Friday!

This week's edition is going to cover 5 things from this week (they will be random, no real theme):

One // Blogging is one of the most time consuming hobbies that I have ever decided to do.  Seriously my whole life relates back to my blog now.  I'll be out doing something and be like, "OMG! This is a blogger moment.  I need a picture to capture it." And then I precede to take 6425 pictures and decide I hate them all.

Two // This week was midterm week and good gracious don't ask me how I did it.  I wanted to crawl in a whole and sleep for days yesterday afternoon once it was all done! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all went well.  Hallelujah that this is my last semester of midterms! At least until I decide to go back to grad school.... I need a few years off before that happens!

Three // Life lately has been enjoyable. Busy, but enjoyable none the less.  I have been doing homework, running to meetings and events for ECHO, and studying my life away.  But I have enjoyed the past few weeks (except a minor break down--see a later post if I ever getting around to writing it).

Four // Coffee.

Five // Life can slow down at any time now... but seriously! I need a minute to breathe and stare at the stars without feeling like I have 6 billion things to attend to.  I wish I could throw my hands in the air and call it quits sometimes.  But I chose this life and I will make it all work for me!

So that's my Five on Friday for this week.  A hot mess, mosh pit of ideas and other things that are floating around in my head.  I have some picture posts and a fun surprise for next week, so please stick around! I promise to blog more frequently... but I don't know if I can commit to everyday right now.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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