The Sunday Currently {5}

Holy Moly Bloggers, I've written 3 days in a row... this has not happened in a while! Also, I'm back on the "Sunday Currently" train after a few weeks away :)  So let's get right to this.


reading. An onslaught of blog posts, my science textbook, and some reading for my Lit Circle this week

writing. Some blog posts again! I have some lined up for this week so I don't go all Houdini on you again...

listening. Ron Pope for days... seriously I don't think I've listened to anyone else recently.

thinking. That I want to take today to finish some Lit homework but that I really want to take some time off and enjoy this day.  Days where little needs to be done are rare around here and I want to enjoy this one.  Maybe a long walk or a hike is in the picture for the afternoon, who knows?

smelling. Hot coffee with French Vanilla creamer *GASP* I've been using creamer this week and I'm not sorry!

wishing. For a long, relaxing Fall Break (which starts on Thursday) and for some perfect pumpkin picking weather!

wearing. Leggings and a t-shirt... forgive me for being a bum on this Sunday morning.

loving. The fact that I only need to get through a few days before a wonderful break filled with Fall activities and Family time! There is nothing better than knowing this semester is halfway over and that I am so close to Thanksgiving (hello to one of this girl's favorite Holidays)

wanting. To cherish life as it is.  There will come a time when I long for these college days.

needing. To get my butt to the gym... whoops.

feeling. Happy. It's that simple.

I hope that all my readers are enjoying their Fall season so far! I know that I am, however I could stay for a little chill in the air.  I'm not ready for cold and snow but I'm also over the 80 degree weather we've been seeing.
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