Fire Prevention

I told you I'd be back with information about Fire Prevention! And here I am :)  But I wanted to still play along with my usual Friday Link Up, Five on Friday.  So today is Five on Friday: Fire Prevention Edition.

Five on Friday: Fire Prevention

one // Install a smoke alarm in every bedroom, the kitchen, and laundry room (or closet/basement/where ever your dryer is).  This one should be a no brainer.  I think all bedrooms technically legally need them, but I may be wrong.  And the kitchen... umm hello, you have an oven in there.  And a microwave, and a toaster, and a coffee pot (do those catch fire), and other things. And your laundry room... check out yesterday's post if you have questions about this one.

two // Unplug and turn off appliance when you leave the house.  Wanna run to the grocery store while the dryer is running? Try again. Wait until it is done or shut it off until you get back. I'm leery on leaving a CrockPot on if no one is home but I guess you can... actually I take that back.  Don't do it.  Just cook something when you can be home with it!

three // Do NOT place cords and wires under rugs, near nails, in high-traffic areas on the floor.  Think about it: cords get hot, rug gets hot, bam you have a fire. Just figure out a different set up!

four // Bad news about your warm and cozy electric blankets... they aren't as safe as you think they are. Sorry but it's true.  I want one, I begged and begged for one, I don't have one. They are bad news bears. They can get too hot, they can have frayed wires, etc.

five // Keep your candles away from anything that can burn (12 inches or more).  Keep matches up away from children. Use matches and lighters the proper way.  Keep your candles out of your Christmas tree-- first, that's stupid and second, I think it looks dumb.

Sorry about my personal opinions slipped up in all of those but I'm a nervous nelly about fires and everything right now and probably forever now! Use common sense and think about things.  They all make logical sense, we just don't think about them frequently.  Keep you home and your family safe!

Visit the US Fire Administration:

Have a wonderful and safe weekend! :)


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