Where has this blogger been?

Well hello there blogging world! I have missed you dearly!! It has been (maybe) two weeks since I wrote my last post....  Holy moly macaroni!!! I truly did not intend to take that long of a break, or even a break at all.  But so much has been going on and well I'm just tired when the day comes to an end.
So where have I been for the past few weeks?

One // Homeless... except not really.  I have been living with a wonderful friend and her roommates since the fire! They are all angels and I appreciate it so so much!!
** Side note, THANK YOU for all the thoughts and love after the fire!! It was greatly appreciated even if I didn't get a minute to respond to you yet!!**

Two // Family. I seriously have ZERO idea where I'd be without my family.  Everyone has stepped up in this time of need and really been a wonderful support system! Even just letting me borrow a washer and dryer right now is the best thing ever! I'm easy to please :)

Three // Second Grade. Yup, that's where I've been.  Last Monday I started my placement in second grade and I AM LOVING IT!!! I never want to leave these kids!! I have only spent six days with them and I am sooooo attached!

Four // New Jersey. Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Hampshire, etc.  I'm keeping the whole east coast company right now.... I'm just going with the flow and helping when I can.

Five // Sleeping. I don't think I have ever been so tired... I don't know if it is stress from the fire, not sleeping in my own bed, the workload of second grade (//being a teacher), or what! But I am in bed so early every night!  I don't know how I am even still awake to write this post.

Six // I'll stop my yakking now; here's some Instagram photos from the last few weeks


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