Friday Already?

Oh hey there Friday. Nice to see ya. I don't really feel the need to exclamation points today because it's actually only the second day of my week.  And that totally doesn't suck because after today is another weekend. Hello beautiful life.

Except that we all know I have a love affair with exclamation points! And just reading that first paragraph makes me bored.  Mostly because it's a rambling mess and I just want to leave it there. So I shall.  Anywho I'm excited for Friday!! Because when am I not excited for Friday?? Even after only two days, I wanna sleep some more. But I also love the weekends because they mean time to do fun things! That is when it's not 4 outside and I actually want to leave my couch!!!! Ugh! ((and snow Saturday... what is this life?))

Well if I felt like leaving my house in this bitter cold weather, I would.  But I probably won't be since I hate the cold! A LOT!  So here is my Five on Friday, fun things to do when you're stuck inside Edition:

One // Watch silly movies with your roomies. As in we watched Monster's University and I'm not even embarrassed.

Two // Eat tons of junk food and feel sick later. We can do without the feeling sick later part... but I know it will come.  Anyway, I can shove a whole piece of bread in my mouth at once and I'm not even embarrassed.

Three // Pinterest like it is your job.  Because how awesome would it be to get paid for pinning things. I'd be a millionaire by now.

Four // Don't wash the dishes.... I actually don't recommend this at all.  But I just looked at our sink and it's full of dishes. And this chick isn't washing any right now.

Five // Snuggle with your pets and do nothing else and don't feel sorry about it.  If you don't have pets... get some.

That's all I've got because as I'm typing this (Thursday night) I have a lunch to pack, homework to finish, things to organize for tomorrow, about 4 emails to return, and an application to fill out.  And by the time this is posted and you're all reading it, I'll be hanging out with some pretty cool first graders.

What do you do when you're barricaded inside for days at a time?


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