On writing a blog

Blogging is a funny thing.  It's real. A blog is a journal or a diary of sorts, that you publish for the whole world to see.  And that can be really scary.  But it can also be really rewarding.  You get to hear feedback, the good stuff and the bad.

But here's the thing.  A blog is meant to be personal (or not, depending on what you write). It's meant to share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, dreams, etc.  Yet we tend to feel very anxious about writing posts.  And we sometimes hold back what we really want to say because we don't want to hear the criticism.

Lately, I feel like my blog has no personality.  I am simply writing because I feel like I have to. I never wanted for it to become this way.  I wanted my blog to be a space for me to write.  An open journal of sorts, and here I am feeling quite the opposite.  This blog has provided new friends for me, and new opportunities and experiences.  But I'm not pleased.

I am working on expanding my writing and really becoming comfortable with the whole "blog" thing.  I know that I have had the blog for a while, but I still need time.  I'm slow to grow in this area... I'm still not all about my feelings being everyone's business. And yet, I have a blog.  Hmmm.

So I'm writing to say that I love the blogging community and that I am not going anywhere.  But I may be blogging less frequently because I want the words to hold more meaning.  I hope that makes sense and that many of the friends I have met through this experience will stick by my side.

Here's to a fresh start and an open mind.


2 thoughts:

  1. i have some of the same thoughts and worries and fears. i'm not comfortable being completely honest and vulnerable simply because i am too private of a person. but, as you've said, having a blog means you're wide open and out there for all to see. scary! i've had to take a rest from my blog from time to time. it's good to take a break. the blogging community understands. :-)

    1. Thanks girly!! It is super great to know that other people feel this way from time to time! Thanks for all your support and all the wonderful comments you leave me :)


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