Lately I have been reading so many different posts on travel, seeing so many places to visit, and simply longing for places that I've never been.  As I enter into this last semester of college, I realize that I have many decisions ahead of me.  Some of these decisions are easy, they have already been set up in advance.  But other decisions still need to be made.

I feel the want need to travel.  If I don't do it now, I may never do it.  I need to see the world, experience different cultures, learn about different areas, and explore new places on my own.  I want to ride elephants in Thailand, dance in Costa Rica, drink tea in Ireland, and eat pasta in Italy.  I need to breathe. I need to travel.  I need to see.

I'm having a serious case of wanderlust.  And not because I feel lost in my life.  Not because I want to run away from what I have set up for myself.  But because there is a world I have never known.  And this world is mine (and yours) to explore and learn about.  I want adventure.


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  1. I had the very same feeling when I was in college! I graduated a year and a half ago and I finally have saved up some money to go oversees. One of my teacher recommended going on a month or two long backpacking trip when you graduate because it's the last time you won't be tied down by a job for a looooong time. Wish I could have taken him up on it.

    1. I’m hoping to save up enough money but I feel like time is against me right now! Hopefully, I’ll be able to and share my travels on my blog. Thank you for the words, hearing other people’s thoughts on all of it makes me want to go even more. And thanks for stopping by the blog!


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