I took a long weekend

Well, I took Friday off from blogging and I can't say I'm sorry.  Sometimes I'm really busy (or just don't have anything to say...).  But this weekend I was actually busy!

On Thursday (last week), I went to meet my new co-op in a first grade classroom.  I was so excited to see the school, the classroom, the students, and the teacher!! I officially start teaching in this class next Wednesday! It's getting so close.  I am nervous//excited, but I cannot wait.

On Friday, my plan was to visit my second graders from my last placement.  However, I woke up to the ground covered in snow... I'm really getting tired of all the snow.  I'd like to have some sunshine and some warm weather.  I know that it's winter, but I'm over it.
I did end up going in to see my second graders in the afternoon and the love I felt from those kids just melted my heart! I miss them so much and wish I had more time to spend in that classroom!! They were such a great class and I know that I'll be thinking of them while I'm at my next placement.

Friday night, I went to a thirty-one party.  And for those of you who don't know what thirty-one is, go check it (NOW)!  And I'll be more than happy to let you know of a consultant if you wanna purchase anything ;)  But I ordered this adorable lunch tote to take to school with me.
Thermal Tote ((Thirty-one))
Then I slept over my friends house because who wants to drive three and a half hours home on a foggy, Friday night? Not this girl, that's for sure.

Saturday, we made cinnamon buns and homemade icing for on top! YUM!! You should all go have a cinnamon bun now, you'll thank me later.  Then I drove home.... in the fog... and rain... I'm not a fan of driving in the rain or the fog.

Sunday, I went for a hike in the morning with my mom.  I got scared to death three different times on one hike. Why I do this to myself, I'll never know.  First, I saw a creature in the woods.  It was a deer.  Next I saw a deer chillin' by a tree, staring at me. Lord help me, I'm more afraid of them!! And then I saw a "bear."  Now let me just tell you that I know we don't have bears where I go hiking, but my heart dropped out of my chest.  Then I saw a man, and realized the "bear" was his big, black dog running around without a leash! So basically, my life was never in danger except for the fact that my heart was racing three different times on this hike.  And there was hills and mud and wet leaves.  Let's just say, I've made better decisions in my life.  But for the record, I don't regret going and I'd do it again!

And now here is Monday... that awful day that marks one week until I go back to school.  This will be my last first day of college. And I can't say I'm all that sad.  I'm ready for the real world and all that comes with it... someone remind me that I said this in a year when all I want to do is go back to college.

Anyway, that was my weekend. How was yours?


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