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College is the biggest learning experience thus far in my life.  College has taught me What is important, Who is important, and Why they are important. I cannot think of an experience that has taught me more about myself or others.  I have learned about people, cultures, schools, education, and so much more.

Myself. I learned that I am a strong person.  A person with integrity and a strong will.  I am stubborn and I stand my ground.  I work hard for what I deserve and I achieve things that I never dreamed were possible. I have learned to trust myself.  I have found that I can let go and have fun, and still be proud of who I am.  I have learned that I can be a leader, a follower, and a partner.

Friends. I have learned that people will always stand by my side.  I have also learned that some people will not.  But life is about more than the people who come and go, it is about the memories that you create.  It is about the people who love you and support you.  It is about the times that you never want to forget, and the people who helped create those times.  My friends make me laugh, they support me when I cry, and they dance with me after long days!

Family. My family has always supported me.  But when college became tough (and more than I thought I could handle), they reminded me of who I am.  They are my cheerleaders; the #1 supporters in my life. Whether life is good or bad, they stand by me!

College. Between the good times and the great times, there were some rough times.  But regardless of the highs or lows, I learned a lot about life.  College has been my greatest adventure and I cannot wait for the next adventure!


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