On Not Knowing What to Write

Well I have officially started and erased three posts in the past two days... oops! I'm just tired and not sure what I really want to say.  But I also don't want to be neglecting my blog, because so many of you have sent me so many words of encouragement! I am trying to stay positive and I love all the wonderful words I received via email and comments! You are all fantastic :)

I'm just going to share some of the fun links that I found this week, because I cannot think of what to write... boo!

This yummy smoothie recipe, that makes me want summer more than anything!

These 100 stores offer discounts to teachers.

Giving up your cell phone for 44 days may seem extreme, but the lesson you learn may be worth it.

I'm obsessed with planners! And this one is beyond great!

Will the Northeast ever get warm again?

Now I'm off to watch the Puppy Bowl and write some lesson plans! Clearly I have to focus of a five-year-old.  But the pups are just sooo cute!


2 thoughts:

  1. that planner looks freaking awesome! take your time getting back into a blog groove. i should be posting something, but instead i'm reading other blogs. it's all good. :-)

    1. I am in love with that planner!! I am trying to get back into all of it, but my posts are kind of lacking right now. It’s alright though because I’m happy to be writing again.


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