Opposite of Monday Blues

Oh Mondays, how I usually loathe you.  And I say usually because today was actually a rather good day.  Go figure.

I'm pretty well caught up on my lessons and reflections. I've been teaching so much more latey, but that makes me happy. I don't sit ideal for very long because it makes me antsy. I'm glad to be busy!

I spent a relaxing weekend at home, not doing much of anything.  I got snuggles from my pup and cuddles from my favorite kitty (regardless of how evil he can be).
I'm almost finished a bag of peanut m&ms that I opened yesterday and I'm not sorry or sad about it. I'm sitting in my dress pants that should probably be classified as stretchy pants because they are so comfy.  I'm happily on pinterest with hot chocolate and a snuggly kitty, waiting for it to be time to meet my roommate for a program she is hosting on campus tonight.

I'm pretty content. And for a Monday, that's a big deal.


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