Life Lessons

I have six word documents open right now, three pdf files, seven tabs on safari, two flip charts that I am creating, a mile long to-do list, and of course spottily playing in the background.  And that is how I got to this post.

I'm pretty flexible when it comes to my music. I listen to almost anything and I'm always down to listen to someone new.  So tonight (last night by the time this is posted) when I sat down to work on these 8 million things, I clicked some random recommended band.  After a little while, I heard this line:

Life is full of lessons we should never have to learn. -- Honor By August

Now mind you, I pretty tuned out the lyrics to songs.  I just need background noise when I'm working.  But I heard this line and I stopped. I stopped clicking 87 things on the internet. I stopped typing my lesson plans. I stopped reading my emails. I stopped designing a vowel sort. I stopped multitasking. I stopped.

And let me just say, I don't stop for much when I am multitasking like that.  But I did.  And the reason I did is because this line really stood out to me.  Enough for me to do a quick google search of the lyric and to come up with very little... but that didn't stop me.  I kept looking and edited my search a bit.  I was still slightly disappointed with the results.  But that's not what I really wanted to talk about.

Life is full of lessons we should never have to learn.

It just strikes me as so true.  Everyone always talks about the lessons that life teaches us and how great it all is.  But what about the lessons that should never happen?  What about the things we don't want to learn?

I understand that life is hard sometimes; trust me, I get it.  But I just think that sometimes people are pushed beyond what they can handle.  Sometimes people should not have to learn things as early as they do or learn them in the situation that they do.  Life is unfair that way.


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