Easter Weekend

While my Easter weekend was fantastic and family-filled, it was much too short.

A Brief recap (in order of the pictures):
* Black bean soup is delicious with doritios in place of tortilla chips :)
* Mickey Mouse thinks he's a dog....
* Coffee and dark chocolate compliment each other wonderfully; The Fault in Our Stars is a terribly sad book. It is a crazy emotional roller coaster and I read it in the span of a few hours--my emotions were a mess.
* My old man -- so much love for that guy!
* The pond; I wish it was warmer so I could have sat outside and read!
* Iced coffee with my momma on our shopping day; such a great time! :)
* Mickey likes to fit himself in anything you don't want him in/on
* Shopping selfies with my sister while momma looked for "Alaska pants"
* I love Buddy :)
* Polka dots and cowboy boots.
* Easter with my cousins. The perfect family time. I love them beyond words and we are ALWAYS so silly when we get together!

Now I'm off to the land of first grade lesson plans and my TWS. Let me know when it's three weeks from now and I've graduated ;)

I hope you all had wonderful Easter weekends as well.


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