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Double rainbow from the other night
When I'm not reading the writings of six year olds, I like to browse around the interwebs. Not that I mind the stories my firsties write, but sometimes I need to read without correct spelling and decoding grammar ;)

Here's a list of what I've been "reading" lately:

45 Life Lessons written by a 90 year old woman; she knows what she's talking about.

Modern qualities to look for in a woman? Here's a list of 50. Take note gents

Balance your chakras.

Vintage photos of Queen Elizabeth II -- beautiful.

A reflection of my thoughts as an introvert. I'm so grateful for others who can word these feelings.

Life is short. 12 things everyone should do more often.

People are mean. Others are beautiful. The internet is a really scary, hurtful place. You need to remember to be above that.

Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor are beautiful in black & white. Try putting their vintage photos in color. Can I be one of them?

Single in your 20s? Don't worry, you're doing something right! 99 things you learn as a single girl in your 20s.

I also just finished--over the weekend--the emotional roller coaster that is The Fault in Our Stars.... be prepared to laugh, and cry, and smile and be sad, and then be happy, and then be sad again. And at the end, you'll rethink everything you know about life.


2 thoughts:

  1. wow, i am blown away by the b&w photos turned color! that is just so cool! i am way impressed with the artists' ability to color them and make them look so real and natural. thanks for the great list of links to check out. on my way to check out those life lessons. my grandpa just turned 90, and i admire anything he has to say.

  2. Love this! I've read every one of them! Thanks for sharing!!


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