The Runaway Blogger

"Where has this blogger been?"

I've been running around a new state like a chicken with its head cut off trying to figure out life. And let me just tell you that it's not as fun as it sounds. I've spent my fair share of nights crying. And I've all but drained my bank account.  And I've been sleeping on the floor and now an air mattress for what feels like an eternity because no one told me furniture took 10 days to deliver.
On top of that I've been living inside a dusty classroom, potentially with a small unwanted pet mouse.  Yea, that's cool... NOT. I've been dragging furniture around the room and then dragging it back. I've been organizing books and supplies that were left behind. I've been trying to find space for all my classroom items. And I've been spending obscene amounts of money on supplies because I'm a perfectionist and I have OCD.

I'm exhausted and cranky. I just want to sleep for 24 hours straight.  I want someone to lend me a few thousand dollars for my classroom and my apartment and my life. I want to not sound like a two-year-old who hasn't had a nap in days.

"But I'm Happy"

Complaining is easy.  But I have made the conscious choice to be happy. I have chosen this life. I wanted to come to North Carolina. I want to be a first grade teacher. And all these opportunities are present in front of me.
So yes, I am tired and I am in need of a hot bubble bath with a tall glass of iced green tea.
But I am happy.  
I am excited for school to start and for the prospect of my first own class. I will soon have 20 or so first graders who look up me and who need me to teach them everything a first grader needs to know.
I am excited to live in North Carolina with one of my best friends. I am excited to have my first apartment to decorate. I am ready to explore my new surroundings. **I have already found a fantastic coffee shops--because we all know that I can find them anywhere!

So here's to this life and to making my own happiness.
I'm hoping to visit blogland more often than I have for the last few weeks, but I cannot make any promises right now. I still have so much to do.

**You should probably go check out this girl and her amazing thoughts on this exact thing!


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