The time that my alarm is set to go off, every (week day) morning. 5:02am, yes I like the :02 and no it was not an accident or laziness on my part. I've been asked that before. I like the :02 because it is different and because 5:00 doesn't sound as good. I like those two extra minutes to lay still in sleep. I like those two extra minutes because perfect times irk me. 5:00 is a perfect time on the clock, so is 12:00 or 2:00. I don't like them. I like 12:07 or 2:11.

Now being OCD and very particular, many people think it is strange that I set my alarm for 5:02. Or my nap alarms from 23 minutes from when I lay down (it's because 20 minutes is a good nap time but hello I need those 3 minutes to wind down and actually fall asleep). Also we all know that I turn off nap alarms as soon as they go off and then sleep for 3 hours.

But 5:02 works for me. It is a good time to wake up. It is after 5:00. But it is still 5:00. I don't actually get out of my bed until 5:05 (on a good day or 5:45 on a bad day).

5:02am. Do you have any random habits or strange clock times that you like? Please share them so I can tell my friends that I am not that weird for these things.


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  1. i have to set AT LEAST three alarms in the morning to make sure i get up on time. it's been up to five at one point. and sometimes i put it across the room so i have to actually get up. whatever i have to do to get myself up and out of bed!


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