Labor Day weekend is a huge turning point in most people's daily lives. We switch gears from summertime fun to work/school mode pretty quickly. But I refuse to let that happen this year. For two reasons, first I started school with my kiddos before Labor Day anyway... so I've been back to school. And second, because who decided that one day gets to change our perspective.

Don't get me wrong, I have a huge place in my heart for all things fall (except pumpkin spiced lattes... why is that still a thing?). I love chilly nights and sweaters, scarves, and boots as much as the next person. But I also love my summers. I love the freedom that shows up once the weather gets warm. I love the sand between my toes. I love the sun on my bare skin. And I love the happiness that just seems to appear with the warmer weather.

I refuse to let those things go now that we have passed Labor Day weekend. I refuse to sit inside everyday and to mourn the lose of summer. It is still plenty warm outside. There are still a million and one things I want to do with my spare time. And guess what? I plan to do them.

PS- I still wear white after Labor Day. Send the fashion police my way, I'll talk to them.

Summer nights still technically exist until September 21. Summer is not over just because we simply switched into a "fall" month. Summer is a state of mind for me and I am not over it just yet. I will continue to visit the beach and go to the zoo and the park and the fair. I will continue to wear my shorts and flip-flops, I just might add a sweatshirt to the top. But I will not immediately turn to sweaters and hot chocolate because we switched months.

I plan to enjoy what is left of my summer (even if I spend all week in school with my kiddos). And I hope that you plan to do the same.

**Side note, I have a Fall blogpost in the makings for the first day of Autumn because heaven knows that I love the changing colors of the leaves. I just don't know when that starts to happen down here in the south...


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