Interesting Reads

Sometimes I allow myself some free time. And in that free time I read silly articles online and analyze everything about life.  Here are some of the things I was reading this weekend. Enjoy!

A letter from the girl who loved him before you.

These organizing solutions are amazing and you probably haven't thought of them before.

Breaking up with someone you weren't even dating.

Depression is ugly and sometimes you don't even know you are depressed.

Happiness can be simple.

Apartment design ideas to steal.

Shit-faced to sober. Congrats girl!

10 Inspiring Quotes for the Terminally Weird. I love this a little too much!

Ryan Goslings stylist shares style tips.

Adorable garden sheds. This makes me want a yard so badly!

One day I will live in Colorado. Also I really want to go pumpkin picking...

I also spend my time reading teacher blogs and classroom organization websites, but I won't bore you with those.

Enjoy your Sunday! Mine will be spent in bed, trying to fight off this cold and get better by tomorrow morning.


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