Life Lately

I felt it was time for a life update here on the blog. Something light and easy to read, you're welcome.

making // a breakfast of waffles and probably some ice cream.

drinking // vanilla coffee with hazelnut creamer. judge away.

reading // my firsties Writing Journals from the week and Teach Like a Pirate

wanting // a little furry friend to call my own, hot chocolate, a new ring, and leopard print flats. you got that Santa?

watching // Vampire Diaries seasons 2 and 6, I'm playing catch up while watching the current episodes because that's not confusing at all.

listening // Taylor Swift. Haters gonna hate.

enjoying // all the cozy blankets on my bed, the heat being on at school, and the fact that I can finally wear sweaters in North Carolina without sweating by lunchtime

feeling // like we need Thanksgiving break to hurry up and get here. I need some time off.

laughing // at most things in life.

Life has been a bit of a blur lately. I feel so busy and overwhelmed most days that I can't even remember what time normal people head to bed. I'm lucky if I make it past 8:00 most nights... but I am grateful for a job and that I am able to support myself. I am also grateful for my family and friends who have made this time in my life that much easier by supporting me and continually visiting me down in my new home.

Have a good Thursday!


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