Flowers in Your Hair

As I danced around my living, singing words to songs that I'd only just heard, I realized how simple happy could be. After a long week, I needed happy. I was ready for happy. And that is the biggest step towards it--you have to be ready and willing to accept it into your life.

Sitting on the couch, I'd spent a few hours mindlessly watching Say Yes to the Dress. This led to bridal websites and eventually elopement blogs (just to help you follow my train of thought). I ended up "watching" an elopement video. I use the term "watching" very loosely; I actually fell in love with the music in the background decided to dance around my living room and play the video three more times just for the music.

After my dance party for one, I immediately texted a friend agreeing to a 10K that she had proposed a few weeks ago. I knew that if I didn't just say yes, I'd regret it.

That's the thing about this life. I get so caught in the what ifs of the future. Being the worrier that I am, I forget to live right now. I put off things that hold uncertain outcomes. I don't make plans for the long term because that means that I have to proceed with a plan that I haven't written yet. But spontaneity is so unappreciated (and I have months to train).

The little wheels in my brain are turning; I've been thinking about the New Year and all the hype that comes with it. We say Happy New Year. So why shouldn't it be just that? Happy. So this year (and I know I'm a little late) but my resolution is to be happy. Sounds simple, but it can be hard to open yourself to what comes with happy.

Here's to promises and the future and unknowns and living for today. And to being happy.


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  1. i tend to get caught up in the nitty gritty details of my life all too often. it is necessary to break free from that at times and just live. i'm glad you had a dance party for one. that sounds like fun. :-) what video/song was it that you danced to??


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