Purple Door Coffee

Color. It's a great thing, color. Without even knowing it, you feel a certain way about something simply because of the colors you associate with it. Go ahead and google "color and emotions" if you don't believe me--so much research.

Red tends to make people feel hungry. A great color for kitchens, restaurants, dining rooms, etc. 

Blue makes people calm--great in a bedroom or office.

Orange is very inviting and friendly; it makes you more likely to buy something--I see you little orange arrow on amazon.com.

You get the point; color is important and very influential. There are people in marketing and other positions who job involved picking colors and displays for companies simply to help them grow their business.

So what about purple? Purple is associated with creativity and royalty. It's a very refined color and it makes me think of plush chairs. But purple does more than that. Purple reminds people of wealth and royalty.
"Our name comes from the fact that historically the color purple is the color of royalty, and we truly believe that every person, no matter their station in life, has unsurpassable worth and value and deserves to be treated like royalty."

Purple Door Coffee is a coffeehouse in Denver, Colorado. But it is much more than just a coffeehouse, it is a safe haven and a place of opportunity for those who may not otherwise have any. Purple Door Coffee employs teens and young adults who have been homeless and want to leave homelessness behind. 

This is a great blog post by Mark Smerud, Program Director at Purple Door Coffee. In short, he talks about the three defining statements of who they are as a community. Purple Door Coffee is about embracing and communicating dignity. They are about equipping and teaching skills; skills that transfer to more than coffee-making. They believe in being your best self--oh how I love that phrase! Just ask my first graders; they hear that about 87 times a day ;)

In my humble opinion, they are just your everyday people doing something extraordinary and making a difference in the world. So go check them out, either online or in person--ya know, if you live that way or are visiting the area.

Remember to be kind to other people and to always pay it forward!

PS-- I'll be Colorado in June and I plan on making a trip out to Purple Door Coffee! I'll try to remember to take pictures and share the experience with you.


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  1. Really loved this post and also agree with the power of color, yellow always makes me feel happier and brighter!


    1. Thanks for reading! I’m glad you liked the post :)


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