Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Apparently I'm mildly obsessed with blogging about the things I'm making in the kitchen... So why not keep up this fun new trend of mine?

Today's recipe: Strawberry Banana Smoothies

What You'll Need:
1/2 cup Almond milk (or juice of your choice, I don't care for juice or dairy milk)
1 banana
1 heaping cup of strawberries (I use frozen, you'll see why)
A blender

How It's Made:
Put all ingredients into the blender, in the order listed above. By putting the liquid in first, the blades are able to start rotating right away. Makes a world of different, I promise! I break my banana into pieces with my fingers when dropping it in, it helps speed up the blending process.
Now I know someone is reading this saying "girl, hold the phone. You didn't add any ice." Don't worry I know. That's why I use frozen strawberries. It works like a charm. I LOATHE a watery smoothie, this prevents that!
Now I use a cheap blender from Walmart, cost me $30 I think. It works just find. I know people will tell you that you gotta spend decent money to get a blender that does everything just right... I disagree. That's just me though. Mine works perfectly for what I need it to do!

If you make this, let me know how yours turns out! I'll try to answer any questions, I've tried and failed with smoothies a million times ;) but this recipe always works for me. What are your favorite smoothies to make at home?


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