Colorado: Colorado Springs

I owe you all a post about Colorado. I've been back from that most fantastic vacation for a month now and I'm still mourning the fact that I had to come home. Please let me go back!

After a plane ride that I slept through, we arrived in Denver to meet two of my momma's co-workers ready to make the hour-long trek to Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is where I fell in love with Colorado. I had three days to explore the city all by myself. It was one of the most freeing experiences of my life. I had never been so grateful for an opportunity to really understand how independent I can be.

We stayed at the Antlers Hilton since that's where momma's conference was. It was a beautiful building with a grand lobby, a restaurant/bar, and some shopping. We stayed on the 10th floor, which gave an incredible view of the mountains.

Mountains, Mountains, Everywhere!
Hotel Room View; holla 10th floor 
Sitting at the best little Creperie across from the park
One of the hidden gems of Colorado Springs is the Pioneer's Museum. I spent a fair amount of time hanging out in the park and garden that surround this museum. It is an abosolutely beautiful place! On Tuesday, I took some time to go in and explore the museum. It was full of rich history and great artifacts from around Colorado Springs!

Pioneer's Museum; I took about 67 pictures in here. I'll spare you most of them.
Back Side of Pioneer's Museum

Capitol Building
I spent A LOT of time walking around and aimlessly wandering through the city. It was just breathtaking and I was thankful for the views every day!
The Best View
Obviously had to Snapchat my view :)
The park where I spent SO much of my time
The day I learned I HATE mango smoothies. But I drank it anyway because it cost $5 and I'm cheap

On our last day in Colorado Springs, I was graced with the presences of my mother. She finally had a day without conference things! I was excited. We went down to the "America the Beautiful Park" and it was sooo pretty. Momma had known about this park because of her runs in the morning and she wanted to take some pictures. I'm so glad she had me go with her.
America the Beautiful Park

 Our last day before Denver
Through her conference, we were also able to visit the Olympic Training Center for a guided tour. Now I'm not the biggest sports or Olympic fan but I would recommend this as a stop anytime you are in Colorado Springs. I do not regret going at all. It was an amazing facility and I learned some pretty cool things.
View from the top of the Olympic Training Center
Winning medal; casually got GOLD ;) 

Stay tuned for my adventures with momma in Denver! We stayed at the most precious B&B and did A LOT of exploring :)

I will also be writing another post just about the food in Colorado Springs; I'd go back simply for the crepe I had one morning!


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