Wordy Wednesday // Be Your Own Cheerleader

Sometimes we need a reminder that everything is going to be okay. We need to hear that we are doing something right. This is especially true for me. I don't like to think that I am a needy person, but I need affirmations that I am doing the right thing.

It is no secret that I have anxiety. And lately I have been pouring over books and articles that deal with anxiety and the best coping mechanisms, etc. I came across a new term the other day. Atelophobia. I'm not even quite sure how you pronounce it, but it has been in my brain lately. Atelophobia literally means the fear of imperfection -- atelo means imperfect and phobia means fear. Based on everything I have been reading, it is a really scary and sad disease.
Atelophobia is the fear of not doing something right or the fear of not being good enough. A person suffering from this disorder has the fear that whatever he is doing is wrong in some way. This makes that person extremely self-conscious.
It breaks my heart to think of people suffering in any way. But it breaks it even more to know that people suffer from anxiety so severe that they cannot lead a "normal" life. I've been told so many times that I am a strong individual for being able to talk about my anxiety. And while I don't think it makes me strong, I do think it is important. So many people suffer from psychological disorders in silence because they believe that no one understands them. I refuse to let people believe that. I understand you and I want to help you.

Wednesdays can be tough because they mark the middle of the week. But we need to remember to be gentle with ourselves -- everyday! We need to remember that we aren't alone and that we doing the best we can.

Here's to getting through the week, one day at a time.


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