Being Present

We are so used to people asking "what's up" while simultaneously answering an email, talking on the phone, and ordering a latte. They don't actually care what is going on in your life. They are saying pleasantries and moving on to the next thing.

Within the last year, I've met some people who actually care when they ask you "what's up". They want to know about you day and what you did. It has taken me aback a few times because I just don't expect people to wait for an answer anymore. We are so caught up in our "busy" lives that we have forgotten how to be present. We are constantly checking into this, snap chatting that, texting about nonsense, and answering emails at all times of day and night. But when do we actually sit down and talk to people, we tend to feel uncomfortable.

We are replacing social interactions with machines. And eventually it leaves us feeling empty and lost. The companies have us believing that we feel empty and lost because we don't have the newest gadget. Spoiler alert: that's not why you feel empty and lost- save your money. We feel this way because people are inherently social beings. We need interaction with other humans - not their voicemail and email box. But their actual face and being.

Social anxiety is becoming increasingly popular for lack of a better word. More and more people  are showing signs and symptoms of social anxiety because we have actually forgotten how to have real conversations and how to interact with other people. It terrifies me.

So I challenge you, go out today and being fully present with someone. Be it at lunch or while walking through the park. Put your phone away. Instagram can wait, your boss can wait, that zulily email can wait. Talk to this person and really listen to their answers. Converse and Interact. It won't kill you, I promise.


2 thoughts:

  1. What a great sentiment to start the new month! I am definitely going to try and put this into practice more....I get distracted all too often!

    1. Don't we all! I am definitely trying to put it into practice :)


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