Five on Friday: Closet Edition

How do you know when I have nothing to talk about? I start discussing my fashion choices. Ladies and gents welcome to this week's Five on Friday: Closet Edition. Feel free to stop reading now.

I live in my skinny jeans. Unless it is acceptable to not wear pants, then I live in super short gym shorts or leggings. Or I don't wear pants. Is that TMI? Sorry. Anyway, I've tried other jeans but after 7 years of living in my skinnies.... it's a hard change to make. I look uber awkward in other jeans.

I own upwards of 35-40 pairs of shoes.... but I absolutely, without a doubt prefer to be barefoot.

not pictured: hot pink fuzzy knee socks
Knee socks. I think they are highly underrated. I love my knee socks. I wear them with my boots in the fall and winter. But I also wear them around the house with my shorts. Don't knock it til you try it.

Dangling earrings are a recent (with the last year) obsession. I never wore earrings before. I got my ears pierced for my 10th birthday and it was the biggest deal. I also had in a pair of studs. In high school, I hardly ever wore any earrings... it's a miracle the holes didn't close up. In college, I lived in a pair of knock-off pearls; or I occasionally wore a different pair to match my outfit. But now, I have to have a pair of earrings in at all times or I feel lost. I keep a pair in my purse and sometimes there is a pair laying in my car... you know, just in case I leave home without some in. I have dangling feathers, dream catchers, a bunch of dangling silver ones, my fake pearls, two pairs of elephant earrings, and the list goes on and on. I have my favorites obviously but I like to switch it up.

I didn't feel like taking new pictures of my arms... also I should probably be more embarrassed about my clear obsession with snapchat, but I'm not. It does a nice job of showcasing my bracelets and dangling earrings.
Bracelets on my arms. And I mean at least 12 bracelets every time I leave the house. And yes, I do take them off every night and put them on every morning. Mostly, I wear the same 14 bracelets every day. Sometimes I'll leave one or two off. Sometimes I'll add some additional bangles or string bracelets... really just depends on my mood.

Moral of the story: on a typical day, I can be seen barefoot in skinny pants with tons of bracelets and dangling earrings on. Quite clearly, I don't have an obsession with tops... but I promise I wear tops! They just vary from day to day (sweaters, tank tops, button-ups, v-neck ts, etc).


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