Smiling on Monday

Happy Monday! I'm a little late posting today but I have a good reason! I was shoe shopping :) I just wish boots didn't cost so much.... no such luck. Anywho, I've got a list of reasons I'm smiling today.

one //  My babies were teaching me Spanish today. My Spanish vocabulary consists of colors, days, and numbers. But I learned homework, bus, pencil, and shoes today. They love when they get to teach me something new -- makes my heart happy too!

two // videos of my friend's singing to strangers at red lights; these people know the way to my heart

three // a much needed two hour phone conversation with my best. He has been MIA for about a month but with good reasons ;) I was just happy to hear about his exciting life and have someone listen to me talk for an hour about school. Everyone needs a best friend, I swear it.

four // this song. that is all.

five // found out that all my extra work and double planning has paid off! good things come to those who wait :)

bonus // I'm being Minnie Mouse for Halloween and sonny said he's be my Mickey


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