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Time is a funny thing, don't you think? One minute it's 2015 and the next it's 2016 -- a whole new year. A new year is symbol of change, new beginnings, and starting over. But why do we wait for the calendar to change from one year to the next before making these changes? Why is it that we new some dramatic event to happen before we think we can start over?

I've set some goals for this new year, just like everyone else. And I know that we are already halfway through month one, but I'll be sharing them tomorrow. (Spoiler: One of them is to focus on being more present; hence why I've been MIA from the blog for a little -- but you'll be more details tomorrow).

For today, I'll be linking back up with Lauren over at siddathornton for her Sunday Currently. Here's mine:
My favorite Sunday breakfast
reading The Happiness Project and I recommend it to anyone. I will be doing a monthly review of my progress through the book and the changes that I am making in my own life. So stay tuned for that.
writing Well I've been writing very little. Sometimes I get scared of my own thoughts and feelings that I try to ignore them. It never works, but I try over and over again until them all come crashing through at once and I get confused at their sound. So I've started back in my journal within the past week and will be more active on the blog in the coming weeks. Thanks for baring with me.
listening I have a confession: I am obsessed with Justin Bieber's new album and I'm not even a little bit ashamed of it. I scan through all the stations when I get in the car just to find something of his playing.
thinking about the changes that I've decided to go ahead with in 2016. Big life changes that I made more permanent by telling others -- gotta hold myself accountable somehow. I can't say much now but in a few months time, it will all be very obvious!
smelling The cinnamon bun that I am heating up, YUM! I have such an addiction to these and my roommate is gone this weekend so I've been eating them all myself... oops!
wishing the rain would go away... please and thank you
wearing pajama pants and an oversized v-neck t-shirt from Old Navy (it is the most comfortable thing ever)
wanting peace of mind with everything that is going on
needing to get off my butt today and workout; chance of that happening 35%, I mean I have Netflix and this 3 day weekend is a mini vacation in my mind.
feeling satisfied. I woke up this morning with the mindset that everything needed to be cleaned. I have a second load of laundry in now, the floors have been vacuumed, the bathroom has been bleached, the counters have been cleaned, and the furniture dusted. Now if I could just convince myself to make my bed instead of crawling back into it.
hoping that you all have a beautiful Sunday and enjoy your day tomorrow!


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