The Sunday Currently

reading The Happiness Project (February) because I like to read it month by month and set my happiness goals as I go. Probably not the most suggested way of doing it, but it keeps me accountable for just a few things at a time.
writing (or rewriting) a lot of quotes in my journal lately. I've just needed to guidance from other people's words lately and so I'm using those to fuel most of my writing. I'm hoping that February brings a change and that I find my own voice again.
listening to lots of Ben Rector -- I love his voice. Oh and since the last time I posted (two weeks ago), my obsession with Justin Bieber grew into my need for his CD so I have that now.
thinking that I need to calm down and realize that life happens at a different pace for everyone. I need to take a step back and remember that I am where I am supposed to be. It's just so much easier to say than to actually believe... but I'll get there.
smelling sea salt shampoo and I love it. I want need summer to hurry itself up and be here already!
wishing that custom made t-shirts didn't cost so much... needing a new plan for my kiddos and this week
wearing jeans and a striped long sleeve t-shirt; getting ready for grocery shopping and a few other errands
wanting peace of mind with everything that is going on
needing to stop comparing my life to that of everyone around me
feeling stressed and unprepared for the next few weeks. Let's hope February is less eventful than I am predicting...
hoping that you all have a beautiful Sunday! If you've got nice weather, take a few minutes to go outside and enjoy it! :)


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  1. I absolutely LOVE the quote in the picture! :)

    Sarah @ BeautifulBlondeDisaster


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