This Sleepy Little Blogger...

... is promising to start writing more regularly.

Life is full of ups and downs and this past few weeks have really proven that to me.  But they have also taught me that I can get through the downs and truly enjoy the ups.

The last time I wrote was before Florida with my friends.
So much has happened in that time that I would be here typing for a month before I was caught up blogging about it all.  But I will say that Florida was fabulous and warm and the parks were great fun.
Easter was a great time with good family :)

School is good and busy and bad and stressful and just a full roller coaster in itself.
But placement with the toddlers is good and I will be doing a post on different activities that I have planned over the semester.  In the end, it will contain 12 days worth of activities to match different themes.

I don't have specific other details about the events from the past few weeks but I am still here and alive—just struggling under my schoolwork.

So here's me wishing you all well!

Stay Beautiful :)

Song of the Night: Through Glass by Stone Sour


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