Changes are Coming...

Happy day bloggers!

yay for being a smart kid and wasting my summer in classes but seriously I NEED A BREAK!

Anyways, I have been thinking a lot about the blog lately (and not so much about my exam that's tomorrow... oops!)  I spent a few hours of my time coming up with this wonderfully simple blog design and for now it is going to have to work.

I will be going through some of the old blog posts and getting rid of them (out with the old, in with the new.... amiright?)

Anyway, I have been reading so many new blogs and I just adore them.  So since I had no structure and no idea what I have been doing in the blog world, I have decided to regroup.  I am currently thinking up a new title the the blog because, well two reasons (1) I'm bored with it, over it and (2) I want something that more fits the blog.  Let's be honest, my current title is I don't even know... haha it originally came from a book that I fell in love with but I don't know that it fits my needs anymore.  Besides, this blog is basically just me writing about my life and babbling about nothing... not really anything to do with the two way street of life which I had wanted to deal with opinions or something... please don't ask.

Okay so if that paragraph made any sense at all... I am going to be revamping the whole blog since I will have free time galore (hello summer break and beach time!)

Look for updates and changes and if this post scares you away please come back in a few days when I am actually thinking straight and blogging about real things, err my life....

See you on the flip side!


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