Five on Friday

Happy Friday Bloggers!!
This girl could not be happier that it is Friday! :)

Today, I'm doing a new link up
check me out doing a link up two days in a row, what?

1 //  I have had my coffee everyday this week and that makes me happy!

2 // I have found bloglovin and I think I've lost sleep because of all the new blogs I follow. Insert shameless plug here: you should follow me ;)

3 // I live at the beach now; be jealous!

4 // It has been almost a week since Taylor Swift--haters go somewhere else!  I don't judge others for their music choices, don't judge me.

5 // This pup woke me up this morning by sitting 3 inches from my face.  Good thing I love him :)

Now my butt is headed to the beach to pretend it is sunny outside!
I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend (check out my alliteration)


2 thoughts:

  1. i wanna live at the beach!!!!!!!

    1. It's the best!! It will be so hard to leave come the end of the summer


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