Weekend Wrap Up

Hey There Bloggers!

Please forgive me for this being posted sooo late today but I decided to work this week and it ran into my blogging time... I need to work out a real schedule instead of my bumming summer schedule that I've been on... oops.

(1) Mickey Mouse hung out in the window (every morning)

(2) Mint Chocolate Klondike Bars, YUM-O!

(3) Sunday Morning Coffee with a book and the fishies at the pond :)

(4) Iced Tea in my F.U.N. cup (you can't see but it's got a twisty straw)

Okay so let me add a bit so I don't seem like a total boreeeee!
This weekend my mom and I went and hung out with my family for my Uncle's birthday.  Of course I forgot to take pictures... I get caught up in the moment. But we played in the yard with the dog, hung out around the pool, and add BBQ food--my kind of day :)

I also decided that I would head back to work for a week.  I am a full time student most of the time and I have worked every summer for the past four years at a day care/summer camp.  This year I spent additional time at school and camp wasn't really in the cards... BUT I missed my kids more than I thought I would so this week, I'm a working girl.

I know I'm boringgg and it's late but that's my weekend shenanigans!


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